Rosicrucian Fellowship Opening Hymn

Each star that in its orbit goes,

law stead fast and eternal shows,

Expressions are the stars of  God,

Unchangeable as ebb and flood.

The marching orbs in circle dance

Thro' time and space each year advance,

The harmony of rolling spheres

Resounds in Cosmos thro' the years.

Man's ignorance of Cosmic Law

Caused discord, then came death and woe;

Now trouble, sorrow, grief must reign

Till harmony prevails again.

We've met to study Nature's Law,

We seek eternal truth to know,

And with such truth as we may find

We hope to serve and free mankind.

Let's strive to know that we may do

What lifts, enobles, is right and true.

With love to all and hate to none,

Let's shun no duty that should be done.

For knowing how to act aright

And doing it from morn till night,

From day to day and year to year

We conque self and sin and fear.

With reason's torch we search for truth

To restore the harmony, life, and youth;

For reason's torch when thus applied

In wisdom's questis safest guide.

If we persist, tho' oft we fail,

In time our efforts shall prevail

To end the discord and dispel

All evil with harmony's rhythmic swell.







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